Sweeping Micro-Poisons From the Air We Breathe

Chemicals, Odors, and Pathogens

Storm Damage Recovery 

BioKill-90 is the perfect equipment for homeowners to correct damage to property and vehicles caused by flood and smoke.   The equipment is a member of the BioKill products family used by large, professional, catastrophe remediation businesses. But the BK-90 has new features that are tailored to the needs of homeowners.


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BioKill-90 - Storm Damage Recovery  ($2,200)      Runs Itself Automatically

What It Does     BK-90 removes bad odors, surface mold, and mildew caused by water leaks and flooding. It removes smoke odor contamination from structures, furnishings, clothing, and vehicles whether caused by fire or tobacco smoke. It removes offensive fumes caused by perspiration, children, pets, bacteria, mold, chemical spills, and toxic outgassing of walls, cabinets, carpets, and drapes.

BK-90 immediately eradicates carcinogenic vapors such as formaldehyde, nitrogen dioxide fumes, sulfur dioxide, ammonia, and lethal Volatile Organic Compounds from the polluted air in rooms of your home. It will rid automobiles and RV’s of occupancy and toilet smells because it can be used with on-board AC power, or with an inexpensive DC-AC voltage converter that is available for purchase on-line.

How It Works    BK-90 is a Premiere Hydroxyl & Clean Ozone device that suspends surface contaminants using the clean ozone it creates, then molecularly dismantles those suspended poisons with hydroxyl radicals as they flow through the reactor core inside. No residue of the destroyed contaminants is visible afterward. Our technology operates well in moist, humid places (where there is water damage). It DOES NOT require drying of input air like all cheap, conventional dirty ozone devices need for them to avoid their production of noxious nitrogen dioxide and caustic nitric acid. The BK-90 also Does Not require the periodic “plate cleaning” required by small ozone generators.

Typical Treatment Use  -  User-Set Timing Cycles For Automatic Operation While You're Away 
BK-90 runs itself automatically in the Unoccupied treatment room. (The cleaning technology is lethal to organic molecules, including human cells, so the treatment room must be unoccupied for a few hours.)
The typical use of a BK-90 is placement in a closed room or vehicle to be treated and then turn on the Main Timer for up to 60 minutes of cleaning time. If you also want the unit to automatically remove any residual ozone following a 30 minute room settling time, the Second Timer will do that while you are still out of the room. BK-90 will automatically run a separate, 30 minute ozone removal stage beginning 90 minutes after the original start of the Main Timer. That ozone removal run time can be extended up to 120 minutes more by the user before it automatically turns itself off.

The equipment ozone capture and removal capacity can be user-renewed in the future by an inexpensive on-line cartridge purchase should you ever want that

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