Sweeping Micro-Poisons From the Air We Breathe

Chemicals, Odors, and Pathogens

Vira-Clean - Rooms and Vehicles

 Simple and easy to use, BioKill-120 is the perfect equipment for homeowners and small businesses to remove damage to property from fire or flood.  With the push of a button the equipment runs automatically for 2 hours.  During the treatment period the unit runs unattended, destroying contaminating pollutants using powerful hydroxyl radicals. 


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BioKill-120 - Wildfire Odor  - ($1,995)      Runs Automatically


What It Does    

BK-120 removes smoke odors. It removes contamination in rooms, furnishings, clothing, and vehicles whether caused by outdoor wildfires, indoor fire places, or tobacco use.  In homes it removes offensive fumes caused by perspiration, children, pets, bacteria, mold, chemical spills, and toxic outgassing of walls, cabinets, carpets, and drapes.  BioKill also removes surface mold, and mildew caused by water leaks and flooding.  

BK-120 immediately eradicates carcinogenic vapors such as formaldehyde, nitrogen dioxide, sulfur dioxide, ammonia, and lethal Volatile Organic Compounds from polluted room air. It will also rid automobiles, trucks, and RV’s of occupancy odors and toilet smells. It can be used with vehicle on-board AC power, or with a portable DC-AC voltage converter available from on-line retailers.


How It Works

BK-120 is a Premiere Hydroxyl Purifier that uses temporary clean ozone to suspend surface contaminants, then molecularly dismantle the contaminants  using powerful hydroxyl radicals as the contaminants flow through its internal reactor core. No residue of the destroyed contaminants is visible afterward. Our technology operates well particularly in moist, (water damage) places . It DOES NOT require dryingof input air like cheap, basic, ozone devices that generate "dirty" ozone. (Those require dried air to avoid production of caustic nitrogen dioxide and nitric acid.)  BK-120 makes only Clean Ozone for the purification, even in moist air, and Does Not require the periodic “plate cleaning” that’s essential for basic ozone devices.


Simple To Use  -  Automatic, Unattended Cycle Operation

BK-120 runs itself automatically in the Unoccupied treatment area. (The cleaning technology attacks organic molecules, including living cells, so the treatment area must be unoccupied while it cleans.)
The BK-120 is typically placed in a 
closed room or vehicle to be treated and is connected to mains AC power. When the 2 hour ON button is pushed it runs automatically for 120 minutes, dismantling contaminant molecules suspended in the air passing through it.  During the first hour BioKill generates and pumps Clean Ozone into the room treatment area to suspend surface contaminants that are then pulled into its inner dismantling core.  During the second hour BioKill continues to destroy airborne contaminants while automatically neutralizing any ozone in the treatment area.

BioKill goes through each cycle unattended, automatically shutting off after 2 hours (unless it’s switched off earlier). 

BioKill's technology only needs the moisture and oxygen in normal room air to purify contaminated areas.  No replacement parts or internal “plate cleaning” are needed.  It’s perfect for property that has been damaged by wildfire smoke or tobacco use, and to clean previously flooded rooms, moist basements, and smelly vehicles. 

Included with the unit is a five foot hose and fitting that can be temporarily attached to either the input or output ports for access to difficult-to-reach contaminated areas.  This also permits easy direction of clean ozone output into air return ducts for accelerated AC system cleaning.

Treated premises can be reoccupied in 120 minutes.


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